The IGO Code of Conduct applies to everyone who works for, or on behalf of, IGO. Our Code of Conduct is more than a statement of our expectations; it reflects the values that have served the business well from its inception. It is communicated to all our people and to those we do business with. Our people, contractors and directors are all expected to behave in accordance with our Code of Conduct. IGO’s Code of Conduct provides guidance on how our values are to be put into practice. The key elements are summarised below: • We are committed to providing a safe, fair and dynamic work environment. • We are committed to providing a workplace free of harassment, hostility and offensive behaviour. • We strive for diversity and inclusion in the workplace in terms of gender, age, cultural and ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation and physical ability. • We work to provide our people with access to the information and knowledge they need to perform well. • We encourage open and honest expression and facilitate participation. • We are committed to providing learning and developmental opportunities consistent with the needs of the business and the individual. • We are committed to providing a work environment that protects whistleblowers who, in good faith, report unacceptable conduct. • We celebrate the success of our business and our people. • We respect the law and act accordingly. • We are fair and honest in our dealings. • We use IGO’s property responsibly. Our people have reciprocal duties to our business and to each other and we expect them to be accountable for both their actions and consequences. We treat each other and our stakeholders with respect and dignity. IGO’s Code of Conduct is publicly available on our website: GOVERNANCE The Board Responsibility for our strategic approach, risk appetite and governance lies with IGO’s Board and Executive Committee (ExCo). IGO’s Board defines, approves and monitors a documented governance framework. This framework establishes accountabilities, regulating activities, risk management, monitoring and processes for optimising the Company’s performance. The Board recognises the need to regularly review the framework as best practice evolves over time. Four committees assist the Board in these activities: • Sustainability and Risk Committee • People and Performance Committee • Audit Committee • Nomination and Governance Committee The Board and each committee has a defined charter, which can be found on our website: . OUR CODE OF CONDUCT 10 — IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2018