OUR APPROACH TO SUSTAINABILITY To fulfil our purpose at IGO we focus on both the sustainability of our business and the manner in which we conduct our business. By being true to our purpose, and consistently applying our values, we are continually persuing business improvement to create an organisation that generates superior returns for our investors and improves the socio- economic conditions of the areas in which we operate, while eliminating or mitigating any negative impacts. CAREFUL AND PERSISTENT EFFORT “Engaging with individual stakeholders is not a one-time requirement or fix. Relationships take time to build and they require regular nurturing and persistent effort to maintain and grow. The true test of stakeholder relations is when something goes wrong and there is enough good will, earnt over time, to continue to get good outcomes.” Ian Sandl General Manager, Exploration In this section: Sustainable Development Business Strategy Integrating Sustainability Our Strategic Imperatives Continual Improvement Stakeholder Engagement IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2018— 13