THE MINING AND EXPLORATION PROCESS 1 EXPLORATION IGO is passionate about discovery. We explore using innovative practices both in near-mine areas and across regional belt-scale landholdings. 2 PROJECT DEVELOPMENT Project development involves the definition of economically mineable resources, either as the product of our exploration efforts or through the purchase of prospective ground from other parties. It also involves a number of key steps including undertaking feasibility studies, obtaining environmental approvals and establishing land access agreements. At present we are completing a prefeasibility study into the potential for IGO to produce two new products; a nickel sulphate and a cobalt sulphate. 3 5 4 OPERATIONS PASSIVE CLOSURE ACTIVE CLOSURE Operations involve the extraction of ore from the mine and its beneficiation to produce saleable products: at IGO’s operations these include gold dore bars and concentrates that contain nickel, copper and cobalt. Our operations also involve ongoing exploration and resource definition, ongoing mine development, processing optimisation and waste management. Following the completion of closure earthworks, demolition work and revegetation, mine sites are subject to ongoing environmental monitoring to assess their progress against the agreed closure criteria. Typically, this includes monitoring of water quality, revegetation, successional processes and rates of erosion. Where practical, rehabilitation works commence during operations and occur progressively until the end of a mine’s economic life. Mine closure planning is completed in consultation with our stakeholders and results in the development of a ‘basis of design’ and ‘mine closure criteria’. Earthworks are completed to reshape the landforms created by our mining activity to ensure they are both safe, stable and suitable for the intended post-closure land use. EXPLORATION PROJECT DEVELOPMENT ACTIVE CLOSURE OPERATIONS PASSIVE CLOSURE MINING INVOLVES 5 DISTINCT PHASES 1 2 3 5 4 30 — IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2018