MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN AND CEO Ladies and gentlemen, it is our joint pleasure to summarise the progress of our Company during the 2018 financial year and to outline our vision for its future. An evolving business strategy based on a renewed purpose At Independence Group, or IGO, as we like to call ourselves, we understand the importance of having a clear purpose. While a comprehensive business strategy directs our path, it is our purpose that defines our fundamental reason for being and doing the work we do – it is what links IGO’s people to each other, to our customers and to the communities in which we work and live. With this in mind, in late 2017, we began the journey to renew our purpose. Our purpose: Making a Difference We believe in a world where people power makes amazing things happen. Where technology opens up new horizons and clean energy makes the planet a better place for every generation to come. We are bold, passionate, fearless and fun – a smarter, kinder, more innovative company. Our work is making fundamental changes to the way communities all over the world grow, prosper and stay sustainable. Our teams are finding and producing the specialist metals that will make energy storage mobile, efficient and effective enough to make long-term improvements to the lifestyle of hundreds of millions of people across the globe. How? New battery storage technology is finally unleashing the full potential of renewable energy by allowing power produced from sun, wind and other sources to be stored and used when and where it’s needed. This technology will impact future generations in ways we cannot yet imagine, improving people’s quality of life and changing the way we live. We believe in a green energy future and by delivering the metals needed for new age batteries, we’re making it happen. This is the IGO Difference. The results of our strategy to date Up to this point, and with the deliberate intention of positioning ourselves to take advantage of our rapidly changing world, we have pursued a strategy to reshape IGO. Over the last few years we have focused on high-quality projects with longer life and of larger scale. We have managed this within an ever-improving environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework. In the last year, this focus has been realised by the ongoing success of both the Nova and Tropicana Operations, our divestment of the Jaguar Operation and Stockman Project, the Long Operation’s transition into care and maintenance, and the substantial increase in the scale of our exploration interests. These collective changes have culminated in a record year across multiple production, exploration, financial and ESG metrics. IGO’s transformation, and the results we have achieved, are a tribute to our people who come to work every day to make a difference. The impacts of change Associated with the divestment of our Jaguar and Stockman assets and the Long Operation’s transition to care and maintenance, were a range of unavoidable impacts on our people and our host communities. Significant planning went into these transitional activities and, while those affected will be the definitive judges, we believe our approach was best-practice in terms of both employee and community engagement. It is our expectation that our people can and will take pride in our approach to all aspects of the mining cycle. We extend our thanks again to the many women and men at Jaguar, Long and Stockman who made outstanding contributions to those projects and to IGO over many years. We wish you well in your future careers. We also thank our host communities, our suppliers and contractors, our industry associates and our regulators for their support and assistance. Associated with the significant growth in our exploration activity, we have completed a commensurate increase in the amount of land clearing to enable access for our exploration equipment. This work has been informed by our understanding of our actual and potential impacts, our statutory obligations, consultation with Traditional Owners and pastoral lease holders, and the expectation we rehabilitate the affected country. PETER BILBE CHAIRMAN PETER BRADFORD MANAGING DIRECTOR & CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER 2 — IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2018