OUR SHARED PURPOSE While strategy directs our path, our shared purpose guides our fundamental reason for being and doing the work we do. Our shared purpose is what links all of us to each other, to our customers and to the communities in which we work and live. Connected, purpose- driven people build value through engagement in a common reason for being. In late 2017, we began the journey to reset IGO’s purpose; to align our business with the emerging battery metals and clean energy storage market of the future. To develop our purpose, we held a number of workshops collaborating with the Board, senior management and a cross section of the business. In total, around 10% of the people who work at IGO were actively involved in the purpose development workshops across nine areas of the business. Our collective output takes the IGO Way to a new place for all of us. We know that our people want to “make a difference” and to be part of a business that is more than a mining company – to be part of something that is making a positive contribution to the world. In FY19 we will continue programs of work to OUR PEOPLE ensure that our purpose is at the heart of the decisions we make, the actions we take, and that our internal and external communications programs communicate this with clarity. WORKFORCE COMPOSITION AND TURNOVER At the end of FY18, IGO had a workforce of 246 direct employees and 366 contractors (these numbers exclude the Tropicana Operation). These employees are based at either the Nova Operation, which operates predominantly as fly-in fly-out (FIFO), or at our Perth head office, with a growing number of our team working on our regional exploration projects in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Our numbers reflect a 45% decrease in the number of employees at the end of FY17 due to the divestment of the Jaguar Operation and the transition of the Long Operation into care and maintenance. It is also noteworthy that IGO’s annual employee turnover rate was 22%, which was likely the product of increased demand for skilled workers, associated with improving market conditions in the mining sector. DIVERSITY MAKES A DIFFERENCE IGO is committed to equality across our business and promoting an inclusive and diverse workforce. We strive to apply fair and equitable employment practices and provide a working environment that encourages all employees to reach their full potential. We recognise the value of diversity and the difference that it makes to our business culture and performance. Diversity ensures that we have the capability to grow and continue to deliver sustainable shareholder value. IGO actively supports the various initiatives to improve the industry’s gender ratio. We pursue innovative ways to attract and retain females in the mining industry and within our business. By the end of FY18, 31% of IGO’s workforce was female, up from 20% in FY17 (see Figure 15). This result is well above the industry average. IGO conducted its fifth Workplace Gender Equality Report in FY18 – once again receiving a compliant rating. This report is available on our website www.igo. For more detail on IGO’s gender diversity metrics and targets, refer to our 2018 Corporate Governance Statement. Gender Equality 52 — IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2018