IGO PARAMETERS Parameter Value Unit INDEPENDENCE GROUP (COMBINED) Size of IGO Workforce (including contractors) 612 count INPUTS Labour 2,039,925 h Ore Mined 5,244,000 t Electricity 140,392 MWh Gas 493,400 GJ Diesel 28,799,250 L Ground Support 3,222 t Explosives 2,328 t Cement 9,792 t Grinding Media 1,449 t Water 3,259,480 kL Reagents – Copper Sulphate 283 t Lubricants and Oils 220,350 L EMISSIONS IGO Carbon Dioxide (Scope 1 and Scope 2) 117,686 CO2-e t IGO Scope 1 Emissions 103,644 CO2-e t IGO Scope 2 Emissions 14,042 CO2-e t Carbon Monoxide 397,743 kg Oxides of Nitrogen 856,820 kg Sulphur Dioxide 570 kg Volatile Organic Compounds 40,452 kg Particulate Matter (<10um) 868,973 kg Particulate Matter (<2um) 44,902 kg PRODUCTS Ni in Ore Delivered 5,855 t Cu in Ore Delivered 394 t Ni in Concentrate 22,258 t Cu in Concentrate 11,240 t Zn in Concentrate 26,159 t Ag in Concentrate 1,067,400 oz Au in Concentrate 1,226 oz Au in Bullion 140,142 oz REHABILITATION New rehabilitation 100.74 ha WASTE Tailings (dry) 1,667,449 t Waste Rock 934,789 t Materials to Landfill 2,738 t Parameter Value Unit NOVA OPERATION Remaining Mine Life 8+ years Total Disturbed Area 456 ha Tenement Area 8,737 ha Percentage of FIFO Workforce 97.5 % Ore Mined 1,511,920 t Waste Mined 748,808 t CONSUMABLES Underground Dewatering 1,848,000 kL TROPICANA OPERATION Remaining Mine Life 10 years Total Disturbed Area 3,266 ha Ore Mined 10.45 Mt Waste Mined 76.54 Mt IGO’s Gold Share Produced 140,142 oz Tailings Produced 7.63 Mt CONSUMABLES Underground Water Abstraction 5,533,000 kL LONG OPERATION Remaining Mine Life Care and Maintenance Total Disturbed Area 102 ha Percentage of FIFO Workforce 50 % Ore Mined 181,822 t Waste Mined 22,712 t CONSUMABLES Underground Dewatering 272,449 kL Water Discharged to Lake Lefroy 204,790 kL JAGUAR OPERATION Total Disturbed Area 309 ha Ore Mined 411,219 t Waste Mined 163,269 t CONSUMABLES Underground Dewatering 1,139,000 kL Water Discharged to Teutonic Bore Pit 302,000 kL Note: These figures do not include inputs and outputs from Tropicana Operation, with the exception of IGO’s 30% share of gold output and ore mined, which is included. IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2018— 99