BUSINESS STRATEGY The sustainability of our business, and the fulfilment of our purpose, is dependent on having a clear business strategy. Strategic planning is not a periodic exercise for IGO’s Executive Committee. Rather, it is a continuous process that ensures alignment of our corporate priorities and the creation of a common focus across the entire organisation. We recognise that delivery on our Strategic Plan will lead to competitive advantage and true value creation for all of our stakeholders. In essence, our strategy is to align IGO to the ongoing electrification of the world’s economy and the associated demand for energy storage capacity. We will do so by A sustainable organisation is adaptive, resilient, and has a clear purpose and strategy. Our resilience and capacity to adapt are determined by many factors; some are external, but most remain within our control. We do not settle for the status quo. We continually seek to improve how we do things and how we might prepare ourselves for change. So how do we measure our successes? For incremental and continuous work improvements, we look to our performance metrics, many of which are published in this report and our Annual Report. However, the greater measure of our supplying metals in one form or another from a set of high-quality assets of scale and longevity. Our primary focus will be on nickel, copper and cobalt but we will remain open to opportunity. Our strategy is further defined as a set of interrelated elements that we refer to as Strategic Imperatives (see Figure 3). These Strategic Imperatives address the matters that are material both internally to the operation of our business and externally to our stakeholders. We made significant progress in delivering on our business strategy during FY18. success is the test of time. IGO has been operating for nearly 18 years. We have grown from strength to strength and have every confidence that we will continue to do so. In our previous reports, we have presented a conceptual pathway to achieve sustainable development and we continue to follow this path. Further information on this pathway can be found on our website ( sustainabilityreport/2017/). INTEGRATING SUSTAINABILITY 16 — IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2018