Graduate and Vacation Programs IGO's Graduate Program offers university graduates a two- or three-year program commencing in January each year, with the aim of supporting them in their transition from study to career. Our program is designed to support, challenge and reward graduates in a work environment that will foster and develop them into future leaders and technical experts. The IGO Vacation Program offers both undergraduate and post graduate students the opportunity to participate in a 12-week paid program held over the Australian summer break - commencing in November each year and concluding in February the following year. Our program is specifically designed to optimise students' exposure and practical experience in their chosen discipline. In FY18, we employed people into both programs who studied Geology, Mining Engineering and Metallurgy. Of that group, 63% of our graduates and 83% of our vacation students were female. Our Graduate and Vacation programs are aimed at supporting and building the future of the industry in which we work. We are concerned with the low number of students graduating in mining related disciplines and, more broadly, with the community’s misconceptions about the employment opportunities and other benefits provided by the industry. While there continues to be a shortfall of students choosing to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) we also acknowledge the importance of considering a broader student group to drive innovation. We continue to be committed to identifying opportunities to encourage participation and develop excellence in students of all ages, gender and ethnicity. To this end, our support for a number of industry programs to promote career opportunities in the industry strengthened in FY18 and we continue to support a collective approach. WA Mining Club Scholarships In FY18, IGO once again co- sponsored two WA Mining Club scholarships for Geology and Indigenous students with a record number of applicants. Our 2018 recipients were both female and we are proud of the fact that several of the past recipients and finalists are now working within our business, including our first Aboriginal apprentice at our Nova Operation. Curtin University Bursary In FY17, IGO established an Independence Group Scholarship program, in conjunction with Curtin University, which is awarded annually to a second- year student who demonstrates academic achievement and financial need. The selection process for this scholarship was ongoing at the time of writing. WORKPLACE RELATIONS In all that we do, IGO believes that our relationship with our people is stronger when they feel free to express their ideas, opinions and concerns in an authentic way. We recognise our people’s fundamental right to negotiate conditions of employment either individually or collectively. Reflecting our continued efforts to establish a culture of inclusion and positive relationships with our workforce, no time was lost due to industrial issues involving an IGO employee in FY18. Joyce Chung Graduate Mining Engineer - Nova Operation PROFILE – JOYCE CHUNG My journey with IGO started in January 2018, in the graduate program, where I was accepted as a Mining Engineer. I had previously spent a year with an open-pit iron ore mining operation before joining IGO. I was keen to gain some invaluable underground mining experience as it closely related to my PhD research project. This was a major driver for me joining the IGO team. My PhD project is focusing on the transition from open pit to underground mining using integer programming, and it should be completed by the end of 2018. I began my graduate experience with IGO in the drill and blast department at the Nova Operation, and with no previous underground experience it has been both challenging and rewarding. I am enjoying the job and the learning opportunities, and feel I have grown a lot since the beginning of the year. The amount of training and support provided through the graduate program has been amazing, from opportunities to complete my Certificate IV in Leadership and Management to sessions for developing my personal brand. I have also met a lot of great people, who have supported me on this program, provided mentoring and guidance for my career development, and continue to help me learn and grow. Quality Education IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2018— 57