Health and Wellness


At IGO, we care about the health and wellbeing of our people and our host communities. We work proactively, not just to sustain the wellbeing of our people and host communities, but to improve their wellbeing. We run a range of wellness initiatives internal to our business targeted at employees and our permanent contractors. Similarly, we support a range of programs in our host communities. For detail, refer to IGO’s annual Sustainability Reports.

One aspect of Health and Wellness is occupational health. Our intention is to manage our work place environments in a way that effectively minimises the exposure of our people to hazards that may cause long-term or chronic health impacts. Some hazards are readily managed while some are intrinsically difficult to manage.

Specifically, IGO is required to:

  • determine what our people are actually and potentially exposed to, and assess the risk that these exposures create
  • determine how best to protect our people from these exposures
  • confirm whether or not the controls have been implemented and are effective, and if they are not, take remedial action
  • document the above activities in a Hygiene Management Plan, execute the plan, review the results achieved, and update the plan accordingly.

Another important aspect of Health and Wellness is injury management. When a member of our team is hurt in the workplace (employees and contractors included), we strive to ensure they are well looked after, and fully supported in their efforts to return to work.

IGO would like to acknowledge and pay respects to Traditional Owner groups whose land we are privileged to work on, and whose input and guidance we seek and value within the operation of our business. We acknowledge the strong, special physical and cultural connections to their ancestral lands.



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