IGO Purpose & Values


We believe in a world where people power makes amazing things happen. 

Where new technology enables new opportunities and clean energy makes the planet a better place for generations to come. We are bold, passionate, fearless and fun – we are a smarter, kinder and more innovative company.

Our work is making fundamental changes to the way communities all over the world grow, prosper and stay sustainable. Our teams are finding and producing the specialist products that will make energy storage mobile, efficient and effective enough to make long-term improvements to the lives of people right around the globe.

How? Developments in battery storage technology is enabling the full potential of renewable energy to be realised, by allowing energy produced from the sun, wind and other sources to be stored and used when and where it’s needed. This technology will impact future generations in ways we cannot yet imagine, improving people’s quality of life and changing the way we live.

We believe in a clean energy future and by delivering the products needed for tomorrow’s battery systems, we are making it happen.

This is the IGO Difference.

IGO Values



IGO would like to acknowledge and pay respects to Traditional Owner groups whose land we are privileged to work on, and whose input and guidance we seek and value within the operation of our business. We acknowledge the strong, special physical and cultural connections to their ancestral lands.



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